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POI #4×18 SKIP

Dr. Iris Campbell : Detective… John. You were right. I should have been honest with you about why I had to stop our sessions. I told myself it was for your protection, but really I was just being a coward.

Dect. John Riley : So, just… tell me.

Dr. Iris Campbell : John, hear me, it’s not because of anything in your past. There’s nothing you could tell me in a session that would make me run.

Dect. John Riley : So you’re not afraid of me?

Dr. Iris Campbell : Oh, I am. Very!… I have feelings for you, John.

Dect. John Riley : Oh…

Dr. Iris Campbell : Which is inappropriate, wrong, completely unethical. I can’t have a relationship with even an ex-patient. It’s so wrong… it’s like a cop dating a fireman… it’s that bad.

Dect. John Riley : Okay.

Dr. Iris Campbell : And I’ve tried to stop it for weeks. I could lose my job… for God’s sake. The job I love.

And I tried, but I kept finding that every time I’m with you, I just feel… I…

Oh, the hell with it!

(She kisses him)

(She kisses him)

Dect. John Riley : Actually… I’m pretty good at keeping secrets.

(He kisses her)

(He kisses her)

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  • POI #4×11 IF-THEN-ELSE

    You asked me to teach you chess
    and I’ve done that.
    It’s a useful mental exercise.
    And through the years,
    many thinkers
    have been fascinated by it.
    But I don’t enjoy playing.
    Do you know why not?
    Because it was a game
    that was born
    during a brutal age,
    when life counted for little.
    And everyone believed
    that some people
    were worth more than others.
    Kings and pawns.
    I don’t think that anyone is
    worth more than anyone else.
    I don’t envy you the decisions
    you’re gonna have to make.
    And one day I’ll be gone,
    and you’ll have no one
    to talk to.
    But if you remember
    nothing else,
    please remember this.
    Chess is just a game.
    Real people aren’t pieces.
    And you can’t assign more value
    to some of them than to others.
    Not to me.
    Not to anyone.
    People are not a thing
    that you can sacrifice.
    The lesson is that anyone
    who looks on the world
    as if it was a game of chess
    deserves to lose.

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