Dr. Iris Campbell : Detective… John. You were right. I should have been honest with you about why I had to stop our sessions. I told myself it was for your protection, but really I was just being a coward.

Dect. John Riley : So, just… tell me.

Dr. Iris Campbell : John, hear me, it’s not because of anything in your past. There’s nothing you could tell me in a session that would make me run.

Dect. John Riley : So you’re not afraid of me?

Dr. Iris Campbell : Oh, I am. Very!… I have feelings for you, John.

Dect. John Riley : Oh…

Dr. Iris Campbell : Which is inappropriate, wrong, completely unethical. I can’t have a relationship with even an ex-patient. It’s so wrong… it’s like a cop dating a fireman… it’s that bad.

Dect. John Riley : Okay.

Dr. Iris Campbell : And I’ve tried to stop it for weeks. I could lose my job… for God’s sake. The job I love.

And I tried, but I kept finding that every time I’m with you, I just feel… I…

Oh, the hell with it!

(She kisses him)

(She kisses him)

Dect. John Riley : Actually… I’m pretty good at keeping secrets.

(He kisses her)

(He kisses her)